Mental Training Services

brain muscle

Whether you compete as an individual athlete, in pairs competitions (e.g., beach volleyball, figure skating, etc.), or are part of a team, my goal is to help you perform more consistently – more often. I also work with coaches, administrators, entrepreneurs, musicians, and a wide variety of other performers to help gain ground on the competition by strengthening the most valuable tool we have- our mind.

I will travel to your team or organization and can conduct consultation via Skype/Google Video if needed. Prices vary by services and location.

After our work together, you can expect the following:
Increased awareness of the factors impacting your performance
Peak performance strategies to help you maintain a high level of performance
Increased motivation during training and competition
Higher levels of focus and control of your emotions
Greater sport satisfaction
Clearer understanding of how to limit poor performances
Much More!

Please choose from the list of options below:

Sport Psychology Consultations
Individual Athletes
Pairs Competitors

Mental Toughness Workshops
Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop
Three Day Workshop
Full Week Workshop

Organizational Performance Needs Assessments
Team and Coaching Staff Strengths & Areas of Improvement Assessments
Keynote Address covering a wide range of Sport and Performance Psychology Topics

Contact Jesse at or reach him by telephone at 818.632.4017 to learn more about how he can help your team use proven mental skills to improve performance on and off the field!


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