When Reality Becomes Stranger Than Fiction

Hello again!

First of all, I’d like to apologize for taking a 2 month vacation between posts. You could have sailed around the world in less time than it took me to write a follow-up to my initial foray into the blogosphere. I want to thank you all for following, liking, and commenting on the post about Adam Scott’s victory.  Your comments and questions were thoughtful, inspiring, and challenging.  Considering the positive feedback and praise I received from the WordPress community and readership, you definitely deserve more than one post in two months!

As a Mental Skills Coach who tries to practice what I preach, I’m not one for excuses, so I won’t give you any. However, I will tell you what has been going on the past two months to help explain the drought between posts, and provide some incentive to keep reading in the future.

If you read the “About Jesse” section, you know I was finishing up my Ph.D. in Sport and Exercise Psychology at West Virginia University. Well, I’m proud to say that in the last 6 weeks I successfully defended my dissertation, interviewed for a job, got said job, went to way too many graduation parties, and moved to Hawaii. As you can imagine, these events have taken up most of my time since Adam’s first Major. (Side note, Adam didn’t make the cut at last weekend’s US Open, so make sure to see how he bounces back and applies those mental skills at next month’s British Open)

Why should you care about all this? Great question!

  1. Completing my degree means I’ll (probably) have more time to write about what I love: helping athlete and coaches improve performance.
  2. More time and more posts means I can have a greater online presence and interact more with you!
  3. I was hired to be a Performance Enhancement Specialist in the Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness Program (Read About CSF2 Here).
  4. I will be working in Hawaii with US Soldiers and other military personnel. My job is to help them become better performers, increase resiliency, and develop mental toughness.  In essence, teach them how to apply the same mental skills I teach athletes and coaches in their performances.
  5. This is a phenomenal job in a dream location that will allow me to pursue my passion with arguably the most mentally tough performers on the planet: United States Soldiers.
  6. These experiences will make me a better Sport Psychology Professional and challenge me to provide some of the best Sport and Performance psychology content on the web!
  7. In addition to working with the US Military, I will continue to work with athletes and coaches across the country and make sure to connect sport psychology, military psychology, and performance psychology concepts in a way that is easy to understand, applicable, and beneficial for my readers.

As you can see, there’s a lot in store and I’m excited you will be a part of it!

I start work this week and hope to have a more predictable stream of posts, articles, links, and content once I get a feel for life on the Island.

I promise to keep writing quality posts if you promise to continue to contribute as much as you did a couple of months ago.

For now, read below and check out some comments from a recent talk I gave to a group of students from the Los Angeles chapter of the National Society for Leadership and Success!


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